Indications That You Need a New Janitorial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning is an industry that is crucially important for all business owners. It is about not only health and appearance. Your professional image and reputation are at stake too. Here are several signs that it is about time to change your current janitorial cleaning service provider:

Negligence; Dirty and wet floors, dusty furniture, etc. are a sign of unreliability. If you see some stains and dirty areas left A building after janitorial servicebehind, the janitors you have hired can’t just “forget” to clean them, this is a sign of negligence, and you just cannot put up with it. You need a team of specialists to put all their effort, time, and diligence in to provide impeccable final results. After all, you cannot afford to ruin your reputation and business image because of fly-by-night janitors who do not respect your time and cleaning needs.

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Working hours; You definitely do not need cleaners who do not comply with your working hours. Most professional janitorial service providers even work during weekends and bank holidays striving to keep their clients happy. Cleaners who show up and leave whenever they want is not an option for you.

No answer on the phone; A trustworthy cleaning company will have the staff that includes polite operators, scrupulous janitors, and managers. Does anybody answer the phone when you are trying to make your point on some concerns of yours? Do they return your call? If no, you cannot afford to make compromises with this. You should consider ending any contracts with them.

Different staff members; If you see different faces every week or so, this is another sign of bad company management. A professional and successful company will send someone who is trained and familiar with the cleaning process of commercial spaces. Explaining your requirements to different people every time is frustrating.

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